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8 Easy Tips for Waking Up Earlier and Dominating the Day

April 25, 2018 • Jake Huddelston

If you have yet to read the prelude to this post, start with How to Wake Up at 5:00 AM with No Alarm to provide a better understanding.

8 Quick & Easy Tips

Here are some tips or hacks, in order to foster an environment for optimal sleeping and waking, making it easier to hit your goal of getting out of bed and being more productive with your day.

Tip 1.

Remove all items from your room not conducive to sleeping (i.e. your tv, computer, office work, food, cups, etc.) All of these are unclosed loops running in your subconscious that will interfere with a full, restful night’s sleep.

Tip 2.

Black out your room as much as possible. If not doable like in my apartment, utilize a sleep mask. Try this one that includes magnetic therapy.

Tip 3.

No cell phone use is allowed in or near your bed. If you rely on phone’s alarm to wake you, place it on your dresser across the room which will force you out of bed to turn it off.

Tip 4.

Make full use of blue-light blockers. These inhibit the blue light being emitted from screens and allows melatonin to be secreted, thus making you sleepy while avoiding any sleep cycle interference.

Tip 5.

Read for 20-30 minutes before calling it a night in addition to avoiding all TV and screens within an hour of bedtime. Alternatively, listen to an audiobook when you lay down. I highly recommend Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. Let that rich English accent soothe you to sleep with stories of the mighty Thor and weasel Loki.

Tip 6.

When you awake in the morning, make a habit of turning on your light; either the light to the whole room or just a lamp. By implementing this step, you are far less likely to return to bed after having to turn off your alarm and your light. Not to mention it stimulates your mind and the receptors on your skin, indicating it’s time to get up and stay up.

*Bonus tip: splash cold water on your face immediately following this step.

Tip 7.

Instead of reaching for that glass of wine, try a magnesium supplement drink or a decaf herbal tea like SleepyTime that will relax your whole body and mind without all the negative effects of our beloved wines. Wine actually inhibits your ability to enter REM cycle and deeper stages of sleep.

*Knockout tip – Grab some Numi tea (our vote of choice is their Turmeric Roobios tea for it’s anti-inflammatory
benefits). Mix 1 tbsp of honey with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Works so well, you might not remember making it 🙂

Tip 8.

Lastly, if you really want to make it a habit of waking early and avoiding the snooze button trap, you have to practice. Practice your waking routine a couple times every day for a week. By reinforcing this habit loop, you will automatically begin your routine every time you hear your cue, the alarm.

For more ideas on how to win the morning, see our Ultimate Morning Routine, where we teach you how to prime your day for success, with a few laughs along the way.