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Exciting News! A Message From The Too Fit Guys

April 10, 2017 • Josh Uptmore

The Journey is Only Beginning…

First Things First: THANK YOU!

You have been instrumental in making Too Fit what it is today. We would not be where we are, nor would we have such EXCITING NEWS to share if it was not for your support and the decision you made to become Too Fit!

Big Big News…

You have probably seen a few updates such as the new logo on social media and the teaser video on our website. However, over the next 30-60 days here’s what you can expect to see at Too Fit:

  • New branding
  • New website
  • New packaging
  • New gear and swag
  • Single serve packets…yes, finally!
  • Mouth-watering new flavors
  • Additions to the Too Fit family of products 

So…What About Moxie and Rally?

Moxie and Rally are being phased out. Rally is out of stock on the website and Amazon! Moxie will soon be out as well! Stay tuned for the new packaging…which we’ll be releasing to Tribe Members only (SIGN-UP HERE) in the coming weeks 🙂

 When and Where?

You can expect to see everything officially launch, in person, at Paleo FX in Austin on May 19-21. If you can make it, we cannot recommend it enough. It is a great event! We will have an awesome booth and have all products and swag available and on display.The new website is scheduled to launch shortly after Paleo FX.

Cue Epic Slow-Mo Video…

Stay tuned for more updates!
And as always…Keep Being 

 ***Please feel free to reply to this email or contact us at if you have any questions***