If you are looking to push the boundaries of performance mentally, physically, and everywhere in between then tune in to The Too Fit Podcast.

We interview and break down elite performers, covering a vast range of knowledge and experience. Guests include doctors, strength and conditioning coaches, athletes, special forces veterans and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to extract tools and tricks of the trade that you can use on your journey to becoming Too Fit.

August 2018

Look, Feel, and Perform Better than Ever Before with Justin Murphy

Justin Murphy has always had a passion for helping others achieve success and see results. In this episode we cover Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, One Meal Per Day, and how you can achieve sustainable results with a nutrition plan that works for you.

June 2018

How to Build Your Healthcare and Self-Care Strategy with TJ Anderson

“For the past seven years, TJ has been working at the intersection of healthcare and self-care. He has served as a health coach and healthcare consultant, but also as a “health hacker,” optimizing his own health in the process.” – TJ Anderson, The Art of Health Hacking

May 2018

Demystifying Meditation: How This Simple Practice Will Radically Improve Your Life – Katie Martinez

Katie Martinez is a personal trainer and wellness coach who is eager to share how meditation can benefit your mind, body, and attitude.

February 2018

Hemp: How Its 50,000 Uses and Benefits can Save Lives and the Planet

Amber and Alaina are the sisters and masterminds behind Holistic Hemp Company. At first glance, their backgrounds in accounting and real estate wouldn’t equate to starting a hemp company and selling hemp-derived products. However, it’s those previous careers that lead them to where they are today. In this podcast we take a deep dive into the incredible properties of hemp and how its 50,000 uses and benefits can save lives and the planet.

February 2018

The Art of Fear with Kristen Ulmer

Being voted the worlds most extreme skier for 12 consecutive years, Kristen Ulmer knows a thing or two about fear. Kristen explains why conquering your fear won’t work and what you can do instead to quickly and permanently resolve problems associated with fear and anxiety.

November 2017

How to Activate Your Mind, Body, and Business after Baby with Randi Zinn

Randi Zinn is the founder of Beyond Mom and She is an avid yogi, motivator, consultant, community ambassador, a serial entrepreneur, author, and yes…a MOM! In this episode, Randi tackles some of the biggest myths about motherhood, how to stay fit before and after baby, and how moms can give life to their entrepreneurial spirit.

October 2017

Episode 34 – The Past, Present, and Future of Too Fit with The Too Fit Guys

The Too Fit Guys sit down for a fireside chat and answer questions about the Past, Present, and Future of Too Fit. Plus, a few never before heard stories about best and worst and experiences, coyotes, and lessons learned. Hold on to your seats!

The Too Fit Podcast Episode 33 with Camp Gladiator

October 2017

Episode 33 – From ‘American Gladiator’ to Camp Gladiator: Building a Fitness Empire with Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson is the co-founder and co-CEO of Camp Gladiator, the most recognizable boot camp in America, and one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the nation. In this episode we discuss how Camp Gladiator began, the journey, struggles, building a world-class organization, and much much more. Enjoy!