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July 12, 2016

Have you ever wanted to try yoga, but haven’t because you were turned off by the approach? Maybe you didn’t want to work out in a female-dominant class. Or maybe you love the workout aspect, but could do without the chanting. Well, we have something for you!

Dean Pohlman was playing collegiate lacrosse at the University of Wisconsin when his yoga journey began. By happenchance, he stepped into a Bikram Yoga class and after a butt-kicking workout, he walked out a new man. He realized the benefits yoga could proivde for his strength and conditioning regimen, but he could not wrap his mind around the spiritual component of yoga.

In his own words, “you would never stop in the middle of a bench press set in the gym and start meditating.” The physicality of training was separate from spiritual in every other area of exercise, and Dean viewed yoga the same way. He desired yoga with “all the benefits, but none of the frills.”

That’s exactly why he created Man Flow Yoga. Where he provides you the tools to increase flexibility, build strength and muscle, improve your cardiovascular system, develop a powerful core, and burn fat. All with yoga.

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"Increase flexibility, build strength and muscle, improve your cardiovascular system, develop a powerful core, and burn fat. All with yoga."

In this episode of the toofit podcast:

In this episode of The Too Fit Podcast, we get Dean off the mat and discuss a variety of intriguing topics such as:

  • The TRUE history of yoga
  • Commons myths and misconceptions of modern yoga
  • How to utilize yoga as your all-encompassing physical fitness routine
  • What exercises you must be doing to supplement your yoga
  • 3 tips to start improving your mobility today
  • Specific poses for waking up, cooling down, and for back pain
  • How much yoga is too much?
  • Gender differences in the yoga industry (instructors and members)
  • Why more men choose not to partake in yoga
  • The weight lifting program Dean is following – we are now as well!
  • The Man Flow Diet
  • Including Dean’s quest to break the world record for sweet potatoes eaten in one day!

And much, much more…

Dean is a madman when it comes to content creation. He’s written four books, all available online: Yoga Basics For Men (Amazon Bestseller), The Man Flow Diet, and The Road to Yoga-Ripped, and Dinner & A Workout, his cookbook. He also is a blog writing phene, which you can find at

If you still need some convincing and are looking to wet your feet, Dean offers a 7-Day Free Trial for Man Flow Members, a 10 Day Free Intro course available to all, as well as a DVD specifically for beginner yogis. You can access these on his website,, or on his app Man Flow Yoga.

Lastly, Dean has put together The Mobility Project, where he teaches you to release myofascial tension, rid yourself of knots, and decrease joint pain through techniques using only a foam roller and some Knot Out tools. I’m not sure about you, but this is something we are definitely pumped up about!

We had a blast chatting with Dean and we know you will enjoy our conversation with Mr. Man Flow himself. Enjoy!

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