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November 22, 2016

Gordon Hay is revolutionizing the way we move. He has developed a system to help cure the epidemic of improper foot function and movement. His invention is the A-Line Foot and Body Suspension System which is being utilized by golfers, snowboarders, skiers, skaters, X Game athletes, triathletes, Crossfitters, and weekend warriors to perform at their highest level.

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"Motion is life; if you are not moving, you are not living."

- Gordon Hay

In this episode of the toofit podcast:

While at the Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena, CA last month, Josh and I would meander around the vendor area digesting all the latest health gear and gadgets, trying to decide which ones we would implement upon our departure.

All weekend long, there was this one booth that always caught our eye. The set up was simple with nothing but a platform upon which an individual would stand, with a man seated in a chair at his feet. The only problem was the booth was constantly packed with people crowded around the seated man like a prophet of sorts.

On the third and final day, we finally got our chance to see what this foot-prophet and the magical platform was all about. The man told us to kick off our shoes and climb atop the platform. He then adjusted our feet, flipped a switch which sent lasers shooting up our legs, and instructed us to slowly bend at the knee. A grim smile came across his face and he would begin to shake his head, as if to say, “yep, here’s another one.”

He then proceeded to explain what the lasers were showing: we both possess less than optimal posture and position from the hips down, leading us to compensate on one side when we walk, run, lift, bike, or perform any sort activity.

*Luckily for us, we learned that we are not alone! Close to 90% of people are moving 2-3 million steps a year out of alignment, robbing themselves of power and performance from foot to leg. This conclusion was based on 10+ years of research involving 200,000 alignment assessments conducted by ALine and a team of partners, including doctors and performance specialists. These findings were used to develop and refine  this new, proprietary foot and body suspension technology.

“I got just the thing,” he would exclaim. Like an old medicine man in possession of a cure-all, he would reach over and grab a pair of shoe inserts, place them under your feet, and instruct you to bend at the knees again.

And wah-lah!

It was literally like magic. Not only did our static posture noticeably change, our dynamic position was immediately improved, even removing pain in the hips and knees.

Watch this process take place in the video below. 

The man was the inventor of this revolutionary technology, Gordon Hay. His invention is the ALine Foot and Body Suspension System, which is now being utilized by golfers, snowboarders, skiers, skaters, X Game athletes, triathletes, Crossfitters, and weekend warriors to perform at their highest level. It’s also being implemented by everyday joe’s and their grandmothers to combat theepidemic of poor movement and faulty foot and body positioning brought on by today’s unnatural, hard concrete surfaces and overly cushioned footwear.

In our conversation here with Gordon, we dive into the nitty-gritty of this problem, defining the contributing factors, the symptoms, and of course the answer! 

Other topics that Gordon covers in detail include:

  • Most people move 2 to 3 million steps a year out of alignment
  • Alignment issues hinder joints, therefore exercise can be counterproductive
  • There are over 1,000,000 annual knee and hip joint replacements
  • How to move 2-3 million steps a year better
  • The barefoot argument – is it actually healthy for you?
  • Gordon’s “junk food” of footwear
  • Are your beloved flip flops hurting or helping you?
  • How much mobility do you actually want in your shoe?
  • How to systematically strengthen the arches of your feet.
  • How to diagnose and treat poor ankle, foot, and calf mobility
  • The difference between the varying ALINE foot suspension systems
  • The favorable footwear diet for foot and body performance

And do not fret, you actually do not need Gordon and his Stand-Tech platform to accurately diagnose your foot positioning. Listen to Gordon’s breakdown of the products in this episode, check out their website, and read which system of insoles would suit your lifestyle best.

List all comments and/or questions below and we will be sure to have the A-Line team get back to you. Enjoy!

See all the elite athletes that support and use ALINE. 

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