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February 16, 2017

By now you have heard us discuss the new kid on the block in the diet world, Keto. It may be the “new” sexy word, however, the ketogenic diet has been extensively studied since the 1920’s, mainly in people suffering from seizures. Since the 1980’s the general population has awakened to its benefits, but not until recently has a significant paradigm shift occurred in how we view fats, our food, and fueling for longevity and performance.

Maria Emmerich has been leading the charge in the ketogenic movement, authoring a total of 9 books including the international best-seller, “The Ketogenic Cookbook.” She is the founder of Keto Adapted, a health and wellness website where she provides hundreds of keto-friendly recipes, meal plans, detoxification guidelines, and keto supplement advice.

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"For 90% of dieters, a deficiency in one of four essential brain chemicals can cause weight gain, fatigue, and stress. The solution to losing weight doesn’t lie in deprivation diets; it lies in balancing our neurotransmitters."

- Maria Emmerich

In this episode of the toofit podcast:

In this interview with Maria, we dive headfirst into the ketogenic lifestyle including:

  • Accelerating the process of becoming keto adapted and entering nutritional ketosis
  • Avoiding overlooked pitfalls that can hinder your ketogenic advances
  • Are there any drawbacks to continually staying in nutritional ketosis?
  • “I’m in ketosis, but I’m not losing any weight…what’s the issue?”
  • How to correctly implement and utilize intermittent fasting
  • The truth about being “metabolically flexible”
  • Kids and Keto: how to teach your kids healthy eating practices and not even know that McDonald’s exists
  • Why tap water and even bottled water are void of minerals and what you can do about it

This one is like drinking straight from a water hose! You’ll want to have that notebook handy. Then check out Maria’s website for more information, recipes, implementation strategies, and her handy Keto Calculator.

For any questions regarding keto, her kids, or anything else we covered in this episode, ask Maria on her social channels below.

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