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How to Build Your Healthcare and Self-Care Strategy with TJ Anderson

June 5, 2018

Here’s a little about TJ, by TJ, from an excerpt of his newly released book “The Art of Health Hacking – A Personal Guide to Elevate Your State of Health and Performance, Stress Less, and Build Healthy Habits that Matter.

“Hey, I’m TJ.

And for the past seven years, I’ve been working at the intersection of healthcare and self-care. I’ve served as a health coach and healthcare consultant, but I’ve also been a “health hacker,” optimizing my own health in the process. Let’s just say I’ve learned a thing or two about what to do and what not to do when it comes to coaching oneself to better health. As the subtitle suggests, I’m here to help you elevate your state of health and performance. I’m not a doctor. But I am a trained health coach and self-taught self-coach who knows a thing or two about sustainable health improvement.

I’ve become the CEO of my own healthcare and self-care strategy. And now I’m here to help others, perhaps even you, do the same.

Over the past seven years, I’ve served as a health coach for entrepreneurs, a Group Fitness Instructor, as well as a health consultant for large hospitals, medical groups, community health centers, and physical therapy companies across the United States. But in the past three or four years, I’ve also ventured down an alternative path—the path of self-experimentation and self-research into my own health—holistically.”


Get the rest of the first chapter of his book free HERE.

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The key intention is to develop our awareness, listen, and tap into our intuition so we can learn how to ask ourselves the right questions.

TJ Anderson

In this episode of the toofit podcast:

  • What are the questions you should be asking yourself to become self-aware and gain insight to what’s holding you back in life
  • The cure for low self-esteem in a world obsessed with vanity
  • The dangers of only working towards looking good naked
  • Healthy habits you can begin to incorporate today to elevate your state
  • Dissecting health hacks such as EMF blockers, grounding, and full spectrum infrared light
  • How surrounding yourself with a like-minded community of people can change your life
  • Upgrading your habits – the secret on having your cake and eating it too
  • Bonus: TJ’s top 3 secrets for optimizing your health hacking journey